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The Inauguration of President Obama

21 Jan

Today, January 21, 2013  is a special day for anyone who is a well wisher of America.

No matter in which part of the world you live or what your political beliefs are, America is an obsession with a great many people around the world. I remember when I was still a child growing up in India, when my class teacher informed us about the election of the first catholic President in John Kennedy and why it was significant at that time. I have been an ardent follower of the American Presidential elections ever since and to me it is an international event to look forward to, much like the Olympics or the World Cup, every four years..

President Obama by winning a second term brought back memories of that day to me; the significance of his victory is as great if not greater.  Here’s a man who openly admitted to foreign policy mistakes of his predecessor. He has spent the last four years trying to show why we should follow his prescription for both domestic and foreign policy although he is yet to actually show much for it by way of results. And lets not forget that he was and will always be judged by a higher standard due to obvious reasons. Yet, the American people have re-elected him in the face of skepticism from a lot of pundits that his win in 2008 was probably due to a strange confluence of events or even a one-time yearning to atone for the collective guilt that we are supposed to secretly harbor due to our troubling racial past.

The American people may seem hopelessly divided and even unbelievably parochial, as we saw during much of the election season, but in the end, they almost always get it right.

And this in turn adds to the mysticism that is America the world over.